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Prince Edward County List On MLS*

List your home on the Central Virginia Regional MLS * and REALTOR.com® for a one time low fee.
We are the Technology Leader offering you the most state of the art services to sell your home. Competitors may purport to offer similar service but do not.
We beat all competitors offerings¹. If any competitor appears less expensive, contact us.

Please choose the MLS you wish to be listed in to see the listing packages available:

You can save $1000's & still get MLS exposure for your FSBO...

Flat Fee MLS Listings are growing leaps and bounds. This new way to List on MLS Prince Edward County homes, buildings and land is revolutionizing real estate. No longer is 6% a defacto standard in fact it never was but owners were hard pressed to find otherwise. Now consumers have a money saving option; a Flat Fee Listing that allows them to keep more of their hard earned equity by paying a low flat fee to the listing agent and a commission of their choosing to the broker that results in a transaction. Listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is the best way to get the highest price in the shortest period of time because it gives maximum exposure to local, national and international buyers. More than 80% of all homes that sold in Prince Edward County were probably listed in a Realtor® Multiple Listing Service ( MLS). Listing MLS is a medium created by brokers to allow them share their wares (property listings) efficiently with each other saving the expense of print and other media. Brokers have rarely shared the fruits (commission dollars) of their low cost marketing with the selling public until services to List On MLS came about.

* List For Sale By Owner denotes that you the owner fills out forms so that our licensed Broker can type you into the MLS's database. It does not imply that you as a layperson will be granted direct computer access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) yourself. | Real Estate Listing

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